Rinse, Repeat

Repeating the hints learned in 2022 …..

for effective execution of a project or initiative


“There is no harm in repeating a good thing.”

– Plato, ancient Greek philosopher

The phrase “rinse, repeat” indicates “an action or process that needs to be repeated.” It is used to indicate that a certain pattern of steps and/or actions will, inevitably, occur again. If we can provide any takeaway from this year’s insights, it is that we are hopeful that you have learned some hints to use in the effective execution of projects and/or initiatives.  

One value of identifying best practices is to be able to repeat those practices over and over again (i.e., “rinse, repeat”). As we reflect on our insights from this year, we hope you have learned – or been reminded of:

Executing any project requires building repeatable processes using the insights we provided throughout this year. Aldridge Kerr can help your organization with executing any of your projects.

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