Operational Sustainability Solutions

Building an operationally sustainable organization includes:

  • Optimizing your processes: are your processes working as intended? This requires both efficiency (working smart) and effectiveness (spending time on the right stuff). Evaluating your Organization’s existing processes (series of tasks that result in a defined outcome) is a valuable tool in improving results and establishing a strong operational foundation.
  • Creating repeatable processes: once processes are optimized, they need to be designed to be repeatable. Repeatability better positions an Organization to train Staff, utilize its time and efforts most effectively, quickly grow and/or diversify, and manage disruption and change. Repeatable processes create a more reliant Organization.
  • Identifying and mitigating risks: every Organization, regardless of size, is susceptible to risks. Some risks are common, while others are industry specific. Unfortunately, risks cannot be eliminated. However, risks can be mitigated. Understanding those risks that create the highest exposure should be identified and steps taken to mitigate them. Optimized and repeatable processes also evaluated in order to effectively mitigate their risks.

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