Execution: Why is it so Hard?

“A good plan, violently executed now is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”

U.S. General George Patton

There is a story about a family standing in-line to catch the elevator to the Empire State Building’s observation deck. The lines were quite long causing the Father to become inpatient. So, he asked the elevator Attendant if there was anything they could do to get up to the observation deck more quickly. The Attendant smiled and responded: “you can go up now if you are willing to take the stairs.” The Father got back in line and didn’t say another word.  

This reminds me of a question raised to us at Aldridge Kerr on a regular basis: “Why is execution so hard?” There is no doubt that execution is not an easy endeavor, something like climbing the stairs to the Empire State Building’s observation deck. However, there are proven methodologies that make the effort less stressful and much more obtainable.

Because this question has been raised to us so frequently, we will be providing hints on how to effectively execute . . . whether it is executing a vision, a strategy, an initiative, a project, or any change an organization is ready to make.

These Insights will guide our Readers through proven methodologies that position Leaders to execute more easily and effectively. Next month, we will focus on the first step in execution: clearly defining what needs to be executed so that it can be effectively measured and tracked.

Many organizations have the desire to move from their vision to the implementation. Aldridge Kerr can help your organization through that process of execution.