Clearly Defined Objectives for Executing any Project/Initiative

“Clarity of vision is the key to achieving your objectives.” – Tom Steyer

You need a blueprint

In 2021, I built a new house. Before the ground was dug or the build began, a blueprint with specifications was designed to ensure both the Builder and I agreed on what the end-product would be. This is not the first house I had built; and the same approach was previously used as well. We started with establishing the parameters of the size, shape, structure, etc. so that I would be happy with the house I had built.

It is fascinating to me that Leaders jump into to an initiative or project without a clearly defined end result. We at Aldridge Kerr believe this is a common first mistake that Organizations make when attempting the execution of any project or initiative.

As we continue our 2022 discussions on execution hints, here are some insights to consider when beginning a new project (or any initiative):

  • Create a Project Charter that defines the project’s objective, scope, and responsibilities. It summarizes what the project will have accomplished once it has been completed.


  • A Project Charter is the project management version of a blueprint for building.
  • Ensure that the project size is achievable within a realistic timeframe. Aldridge Kerr’s proprietary Doable, Chewable Chunks® methodology encourages our Clients to scope a project to achieve this.
  • Obtain appropriate approvals and buy in from Key Stakeholders.

HINT: Stakeholders include those who will fund the project, who will manage and participate in the project, and a representative of who will benefit from the completion of the project.

  • Develop a project plan once the Project Charter is approved that includes a timeline, budget, milestones, dependencies, roles and responsibilities of the Project Team, defining methods to mitigate risks related to the project, a communication plan, and success metrics.

Leaders often think that smaller, less complex projects do not require this rigor. However, we at Aldridge Kerr believe a project’s success is more easily realized when the above tasks are performed.

NOTE: If you have already started a project (or an initiative of any kind), it is valuable to pause and create the above in order to enhance your chances of a successfully executed project.

We will continue discussing the importance and the role of the project charter and its plan in the coming months.

Similar to a Builder creating a blueprint before starting the actual build, a well-defined Project Charter provides that blueprint so the execution of the project will be completed. This provides defined objectives that ensures clarity on what it will take to execute successfully. Aldridge Kerr are Experts at managing projects. Contact us to discuss how we can assist you.

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