Testing Before Execution

“Quality means doing it right even when no one is looking.”— Henry Ford

Testing review before implementation

It is so frustrating when a software solution becomes available…. whether a new solution or an upgrade…. and it just does not work as intended. Why does this happen so frequently? In many cases, this is due to lack or inadequate testing of the software solution.

An intricate step in the success of any project is to include testing to ensure whatever has been developed will meet the requirements defined by the End Users. Testing should be part of every project regardless of whether it is a software implementation, a new market launch, training, or any other deliverable. It ultimately produces the quality deliverable that is desired.

What should be considered when testing? Develop a Test Plan that defines:

  • The focus of the testing to ensure the deliverable is working as intended and meets the needs of the End User
  • Define what should be tested – examples:
  •  If it is a software solution (or upgrade), ensuring the software is working correctly
  •  If a new process, testing its effectiveness, efficiency, and repeatability
  •  If documentation, is it communicated clearly and is it easy to understand the document’s topic
  • If a market launch, does it meet the needs of the User?
  • Select Testers who are willing to do what it takes to validate the intended deliverable is working as intended
  • Determine the requirements for successful results from the testing and measure the testing to those requirements
  • Do not settle for “good enough” – this ultimately results in additional work effort

Incorporating testing into the overall project plan creates a more successful, high-quality implementation. Aldridge Kerr can help your organization define the requirements for a Test Plan to ensure a successful execution of your project.

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