Signs of Operational Insights in Review

“No man ever reached to excellence in any one art or profession without having passed through the slow and painful process of study and preparation.”

– Horace, Roman poet and thought leader

Throughout this year, we have explored the signs of operational effectiveness. These signs provide a benchmark to evaluate the effectiveness of your organization. Those signs include:

  • Creating consistency: of processes, messaging, standardized terminology …. the list is vast on the value of consistency
  • Effective communication: among Staff, with Customers, in messaging, in marketing, in documented communication
  • Setting clearly defined priorities: knowing what is most important will guide the focus of the organization
  • Building repeatable processes: a foundation for sustainability and growth
  • Documenting your processes: positions an organization for unlimited possibilities
  • Happy customers: without them, there is no organization
  • Mitigating risks: reduces failure, delays, confusion, and prepares for future opportunities
  • Establishing project management methodologies: the execution of any initiative or project becomes more probable when there is structure, risk assessment, clearly defined expectations, ongoing communication, and a defined timeline for success
  • Providing tools to build knowledge and skills for Staff: this is needed to strengthen the value your Staff brings to the organization and reduces knowledge loss when Staff leave
  • Exceptional quality: hard to achieve, but creates long-standing rewards

As we pause at year-end and reflect on those signs listed above, may we suggest you consider those areas where your organization excels and where there is room for improvement. Think about performing a self-assessment of each area (or hire a firm like Aldridge Kerr to assist you with the assessment) to establish a baseline. This will better position your organization for those opportunities for improvement in 2024.

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