Looking in the Mirror

“There is immense value in consistently examining the health of an organization.” Charlene Aldridge of Aldridge, Kerr & Associates, Inc.

What do Eastman Kodak, Montgomery Wards, RadioShack, Borders, and Blockbuster have in common? They were thriving, successful companies that went out of business!

How does this happen? What causes this to occur? We at Aldridge Kerr believe there are several factors that can be summed up as follows: they failed to routinely look in the mirror to see how they were doing!

I had several interesting discussions over the holidays related to organizations that do not seem to have any idea that they have issues. These typically reflect a variety of shortcomings, including, for example: poor customer service, ineffective processes, inadequately trained staff, or poor quality.

With this in mind, our insights for 2024 will focus on encouraging you to step back and do some self-reflection to see what your organization does well and where there are operational challenges that need to be addressed.

There is immense value in consistently examining the health of an organization. It can create ongoing excellence and avoid the outcomes of those thriving companies that did not survive. We look forward to walking through this year of discovery to identify where we can improve and increase sustainability and growth.

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