Documented Processes

“The value of documentation is two-fold: the end product provides a needed resource and the process of looking at the tasks performed strengthens the organization.”

Aldridge Kerr Client

We at Aldridge Kerr are passionate about the value of documentation. Why? The list is long but here are a few key reasons:

  • To provide a resource for training new Staff and avoiding knowledge gaps when Staff leaves
  • To gain insights into the existing way a process is performed and where improvements are needed
  • To clarify a new system, product, process, service, or strategy – by documenting the desired process, it becomes easier to execute
  • To comply with regulatory requirements and/or audit reviews
  • To position the organization to create repeatable, sustainable processes
  • To minimize knowledge gaps
  • To allow the organization to focus on growth and excellence
  • To prepare for a sell
  • To help create operational effectiveness as we have been discussing throughout this year

When you look at the above list, what three (3) do you see as most important? Or do you have additional reasons?

Also consider that while documenting a process, there are two critical deliverables:

  • The evaluation process in which the topic to be documented is assessed for continued relevance, improved efficiencies, need for added internal controls, and the identification of business metrics to provide oversight and ongoing assessment.
  • The end-product is the documentation, whether it is a Procedure, User’s Guide, Policy, System Specification, or training material.

The goal is to build an operationally effective organization through process documentation.

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