Building Repeatable Processes

“If you want a successful & scalable business, it’s got to be a repeatable process.”

Frank Bria, Fail to Learn Podcaster

Processes are an intricate characteristic of a functioning organization. Contrary to popular belief, all organizations have processes, although often those processes are not effective or do not work as intended. The goal to strive for is creating effective repeatable processes.

So, what is a “repeatable process?” We at Aldridge Kerr define it as any process that needs to be repeated on a regular basis and therefore requires that the process work effectively and efficiently. When processes that are repeated on a regular basis but are not built to incorporate process improvements, then sustainability becomes more difficult to achieve.

What are some of the characteristics of an effective, repeatable process?  

  • It is done consistently in the same way over and over again,
  • It provides clarity as to job responsibilities,
  • It can be repeated (performed) by various people within the Company,
  • It positions a Company to concentrate on the tough decisions instead of the day-to-day tasks (processes),
  • It supports timely deliverables and higher quality,
  • It allows for further growth to occur more quickly,
  • It provides a method to assess and manage existing tasks, and
  • It has been tested and determined to be effective.

Building effective, repeatable processes is another sign of operational effectiveness. Assessing your existing processes provides the roadmap to achieve sustainability and growth. Aldridge Kerr are Experts is building an Organization’s repeatable processes.

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