Dependencies and Execution

“Managing projects requires managing dependencies.” – Charlene Aldridge, President of Aldridge, Kerr & Associates, Inc. Did you hear about the Builder that attempted to install the sinks before the foundation was laid? Or the IT Engineer developing enhancements to software before the original software had even been designed? Or that same Builder attempting to paintContinue reading “Dependencies and Execution”

Clearly Defined Roles & Responsibilities

“Highly effective teams have clearly articulated roles and responsibilities.” – Author unknown The Abbott and Costello comedy routine “Who’s on first?” entertained us with a great example of confusion and lack of communication! Unfortunately, that type of confusion often occurs when Organizations are working to implement a desired task. As we continue our discussions onContinue reading “Clearly Defined Roles & Responsibilities”

Clearly Defined Objectives for Executing any Project/Initiative

“Clarity of vision is the key to achieving your objectives.” – Tom Steyer In 2021, I built a new house. Before the ground was dug or the build began, a blueprint with specifications was designed to ensure both the Builder and I agreed on what the end-product would be. This is not the first houseContinue reading “Clearly Defined Objectives for Executing any Project/Initiative”