Looking In the Mirror: Ask Your Customers

“In business, the idea of measuring what you are doing, picking the measurements that count like customer satisfaction and performance… you thrive on that.”

Bill Gates

As we continue our discussion on this year’s theme of Looking in the Mirror (https://mailchi.mp/5f69c0941fc6/lookinginthemirror2024), let’s dive in and assess the value of asking our Customers their assessment of how we are doing.

A few thoughts as you consider this:

  • Obtaining input from your “best” Customers will give you insights as to why they keep coming back.
  • While asking a 1st time Customer whether he/she will want to use your services or products in the future provides valuable information on first impressions.
  • Reaching out to inactive/previous Customers will explore why they are no longer engaged with your Company.

What should you ask your Customers?

  • Create a list of objective, thought provoking questions that will provide you with insights into what your Customers really think.
  • Ask every Customer the same questions and ideally, send them the questions ahead of time so they can ponder them.
  • Limit your list of questions to no more than five.
  • Include questions related to what your Company does well and suggested areas of improvement.

Consider the most effective methods to ask your questions. Utilizing an external resource – either a software tool or Company engaged to do this – allows for more candid, honest answers.

Once you have compiled the input, assess the findings looking for commonality, trends, etc. Determine how to continue to incorporate the positives or make necessary changes based on what you learn from the input obtained. Looking in the mirror to see what your Customers think allows for ongoing improvement.

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