Our Interactive, On-line Tool

Aldridge Kerr’s proprietary interactive, on-line tool (My COO Resources) is designed to provide a standardized, simple format for the User to compile information related to his/her Organization.

For example, My COO Resources provides a framework for the User to identify its Organization’s operational challenges by answering a series of multiple-choice questions. Once each User answers the ten (10) questions within an assessment, My COO Resources creates an Operational Effectiveness Score (OE ScoreTM). This OE ScoreTM presents the User with further understanding of the present operational state of the User’s Organization.

In addition, based on the answers to each of the questions, My COO Resources identifies the top three (3) operational challenges that need to be addressed.

How does My COO Resources benefit the Client?

  • Provides a structured, objective approach for the User to identify information essential for assessing an Organization’s operational effectiveness.
  • Identifies those highest priority operational challenges that need to be addressed, as well as highlighting the Organization’s strengths
  • Complements the consultative support provided by Aldridge Kerr to its Clients, as well as enhancing the value of the solutions Aldridge Kerr provides
  • Creates a method for multiple Users to confidentially provide input on the present operational state of their Organization

My COO Resources is used to enhance the services Aldridge Kerr provides through this interactive tool. Contact us today to learn more.