Importance of Process Documentation

“The value of documentation is two-fold: the end product provides a needed resource and the process of looking at the tasks performed strengthens the organization.”

Aldridge Kerr Client

One of the most frequently requested services offered by Aldridge Kerr is process documentation. Organizations decide to document their processes for a long list of reasons. Regardless of the reason for requiring process documentation, it can bring value to your organization.

Here are the top 5 reasons why Aldridge Kerr believes process documentation is important:

  • To provide a resource for training new Staff and avoiding knowledge gaps when Staff leaves
  • To gain insights into the existing way a process is performed and where improvements are needed
  • To clarify a new system, product, process, service, or strategy – by documenting the desired process, it becomes easier to execute
  • To comply with regulatory requirements and/or audit reviews
  • To position the organization to create repeatable, sustainable processes

Here are some hints for documenting your processes:

It can be overwhelming to try to determine what tasks and processes should be documented first to mitigate the risk caused when someone is not available and information is needed. Here are a few tips to consider when determining where to begin:

  • Start with your Critical Processes because those processes are most important to your organization’s success
  •  Document those tasks that are only performed by one person because those are most susceptible to potential loss of information

Documenting an existing process is an excellent method to identify the potential issues within its process steps. As the existing process is documented, consider the following:

  • Are the most appropriate Staff performing the steps within the process?
  • Is the order of the steps causing inefficiencies, increasing probability of errors, and/or creating confusion?
  • Is the process being performed at the appropriate time of day, month, or year?

By documenting how a process is presently being performed, it becomes clearer where there are opportunities for improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.

Aldridge Kerr can help your organization document your processes.