Disasters and Repeatable Processes

“If you want a successful & scalable business, it’s got to be a repeatable process.” Frank Bria, Fail to Learn Podcaster

Disasters. It seems like it is almost impossible to avoid the challenges facing all of us in today’s world: difficulties in hiring Staff, impact of COVID-19 both professionally and personally, Hurricane Ida resulting catastrophic flooding, etc., the fires in the west, the changing business landscape . . . the list itself is overwhelming.

What do current disasters have to do with repeatable processes, as we discussed previously. Let me explain further:

  • Difficulties hiring? Defined, repeatable processes allow an Organization to both better understand if replacing Staff is needed and if so, more quickly train new hires.
  • Impact of Covid-19? Staff are working remotely and/or in a hybrid environment. Now more than ever it is essential to define those Critical Processes that support these new work environments. 
  • Aftermath of Hurricane Ida, fires, or any other disasters? An intricate role of Business Continuity, as discussed recently, is ensuring processes are well-defined and able to repeat regardless of where Staff is working. Whenever disaster strikes, it is an unfortunate reminder to ensure your Organization has an effective Business Continuity Plan. 
  • Challenges of the changing business landscape? Understanding the impact of the changes must also consider how processes may need to evolve to support those changes. Looking at an Organization’s processes is the first step in building repeatable processes.

Leaders often think that more business is the number #1 goal to sustain the Organization. However, without a clearly defined operational foundation, including establishing repeatable processes, additional business can actually create the inability to meet the needs of Clients.

Assessing and creating sustainable, repeatable processes is a core competency of Aldridge Kerr who can assist as you weather the overload of disasters.