Clarity and Consistency

Clarity is defined by Merriam-Webster as: “the quality or state of being clear.” The challenge with obtaining clarity is that often multiple Leaders have clarity on a given topic that, unfortunately, can be quite different from each other. Aldridge Kerr sees this regularly when assisting our Clients in addressing a given issue. Each of the Leaders have clarity on what they believe is the “right” solution. Unfortunately, their counterparts often define it quite differently.

Therefore, it is valuable for Leaders to come together to obtain clarity on the issue and its solution(s). This is the first step in gaining consensus on how to move forward. This consensus can be obtained only after there is clarity on what is required.

Clarity is extremely difficult to obtain when there are multiple Leaders needing to obtain consensus. Yet, in order to obtain an organization’s desired objectives and goals, Leaders much obtain a singular, clear focus (i.e., clarity). Leaders cannot obtain consensus until there is clarity among all on what is the issue and ultimate solution.

Aldridge Kerr uses a proven facilitation methodology to guide Leaders through obtaining clarity and then consensus. It is a powerful tool to moving from discussion to action.