The Shower Curtain

I recently needed to hang a new shower curtain and liner in a guest bathroom. The hooks selected were intricate and pretty, however, it made it more difficult to hang both the liner and curtain. The first attempt took several minutes to determine how to hang them both. Initially, I had several failed attempts. However, the second hook was a tad easier and by the time I was on the third hook, I had figured out what I needed to do to complete the task.

It took longer to complete the first two hooks than it did the rest combined. Why? Because I needed to determine an effective method to complete the task and establish the process needed to hang the liner and curtain. Once this was established, I was able to repeat the same task each time I added another hook until I was done.

This brought to mind the significance of establishing a consistent method of performing tasks. Last month, we discussed the reasons why consistency is needed. Consistency is best utilized with an effective method of performing any task. This creates repeatable processes that reap multiple benefits including, but not limited to a process that:

  • Supports efficient and effective methods (processes) to complete a task
  • Allows for ease when training others to perform the same task
  • Reduces confusion by others (both internally and externally)
  • Positions an Organization to focus on big issues instead of the day-to-day tasks that should be performed smoothly
  • Encourages sustainability and supports continued growth while at the same time reducing dependence upon employee institutional knowledge

Once repeatable processes are established, it is prudent for an organization to routinely review those processes to ensure ongoing consistency and repeatability. Routine review ensures the processes remain relevant and continue to produce the desired results. It should be noted that in these current times, organizational dynamics due to the rapid changes that result from hybrid work environments, cultural shifts, and technology advances require processes to be reviewed regularly. An Organization should think about reviewing their Critical Processes as routinely as they have an oil change of their car. The more frequently processes are performed, the more frequently the processes need to be reviewed.

Aldridge Kerr are Experts at evaluating processes to create and routine assess their repeatability.